With the development of IT and the widespread use of the Internet, electronic media have replaced print as the most effective means of transmitting information. Chinese management scholars in the Greater China region and around the world can now communicate and share management expertise at any time on the Internet. The Web Journal of Chinese Management Review aims at providing an online forum for these scholars to share their latest research outcomes and insights.

Professor Liu Chang-Yung of the Taiwan Sun Yat-sen University founded the Web Journal of Chinese Management Review in 1998, making it the first e-journal for Chinese management scholars. Since its inception, the Journal has been well received, with scholars contributing actively. Paper topics have covered different areas of management studies. In the beginning, most contributions were from Taiwan. However, since November 2001 -- when the Faculty of Business Administration of the Chinese University of Hong Kong took over the editorial work, and Professor Liu Chang-Yung and Professor Tuan Chyau became the Co-Editors -- scholars from Mainland China as well as overseas Chinese scholars from around the world have contributed to the Journal, which has, as a result, become more international in outlook.

In August 2004, Professor Liu Chang-Yung and Professor Tuan Chyau commissioned the Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration, the Open University of Hong Kong to reorganize the Editorial Board of the Journal and continue with the work of bringing together scholars of the Greater China region and promoting academic exchange among higher education communities through the publication of high-quality papers. The Journal continues to welcome academic papers with different perspectives. All papers will be treated on an equal basis. It is hoped that Chinese management scholars can share the latest developments in the field of management studies through this Web journal, which is open to the entire academic community.