This Journal uses the Internet as a forum for the dissemination of research outcomes. Scholars are welcome to share their latest research reports and academic papers on this platform. Critiques of the papers published are also welcome, as this encourages two-way communication among scholars. Journal contributors are free to refine their research findings and contribute later versions of the papers submitted to other academic journals.

The requirements for the submission of manuscripts are as follows:

  1. The Web Journal of Chinese Management Review is an academic journal targeted at the Chinese business & management community. Scholars from the Greater China region and overseas are welcome to submit academic papers, business case studies, research findings and project outcomes to this Journal. To expedite the editing process, contributors should refer to the Style Sheet when submitting manuscripts.

  2. The Journal is published two times (February and August) per year on an academic website targeted at business management scholars. At present more than 3,000 scholars in Greater China region have registered with the website.

  3. This journal is Web-based and uses the Internet for the dissemination of research outcomes. To facilitate the reading and downloading of papers, brevity is preferred. All original academic papers, business case studies, research findings and project outcomes will be considered. In accordance with international conventions, the authors of published articles will not be paid.

  4. All manuscripts submitted should follow the Style Sheet and APA style . They must be written using Word 6.0 or higher versions and submitted by electronic mail. The refereeing procedure will start once the manuscript is received.

  5. All manuscripts should have the name(s) of the author(s) (both English and Chinese), affiliated organization (both English and Chinese), title, address, telephone number, fax number and email address. The title, abstract and keywords in both English and Chinese should be included at the beginning of the paper. All manuscripts should follow the Style Sheet. Due to bandwidth limitations and for ease of reading, complicated diagrams and symbols should be avoided. The length of papers submitted should be around 20 pages or not more than 15,000 Chinese characters. The abstract should be no longer than 300 words in English or 400 words in Chinese characters.

  6. Both B5 code and GB code can be used. The Journal website has a converter for simplified and traditional Chinese characters.

  7. The copyright of the published paper belongs to the authors.

  8. The papers are listed in order of the date the papers were submitted.

  9. The Web Journal of Chinese Management Review is a journal open to Chinese business & management scholars.

  10. Any paper submitted to the Web Journal of Chinese Management Review (The Journal) shall not contain plagiarized material. The Journal may not be able to monitor any acts of plagiarism but once such acts are evident has an obligation to stop editing and publishing the plagiarized work concerned. The author of the plagiarized work will be responsible for all legal liabilities arising from plagiarism and the Journal will not be held responsible. If disputes arise due to the problem of authorship or any other reason, the Journal has the right to stop editing and publishing the work under dispute.

  11. All authors are required to sign a declaration to ensure the originality of the paper submitted to the Journal.

  12. All manuscripts should be sent to
    Telephone: (852) 2768 6940
    Fax: (852) 2391 9095
    Postal Address: Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration, The Open University of Hong Kong, 30 Good Shepherd Street, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon, Hong Kong.