Vol 13, No 1, Feb 2010

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In a recent editorial board meeting, we had some encouraging observations.  Firstly, the number of our readers as measured by the access rate to our web journal has been growing. We have a monthly average of over 9,000 number of readers this year so far.  The top ten geographical areas of our readers include Taiwan, USA, PRC, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, UK, Australia, Canada and Macau.  Secondly, the number of submissions remains quite steady and the average turnaround time is about one year.  The final observation which is actually feedback from our authors is that they appreciate very much the high quality of our editing work.

Our management committee has also recently met to discuss ways to further promote our web journal.  We would like to come up with a long term plan to enhance the quality and status of the web journal as well as to expand its readership.  We certainly welcome ideas and inputs from colleagues who share with us the mission of the web journal, which is to provide an online forum to scholars in the Greater China region and around the world to share the latest research outcomes and insights.

Going back to the usual business of introducing the articles in this issue, we have included a total of twelve articles which cover a variety of business and management issues.  We have tried to group these articles in various areas.  The first group of articles deals more with areas in finance and economics namely the discriminant predictive power of financial crisis, the performance evaluation of financial institutions in Taiwan, confirmatory factor analysis of money importance, and transfer pricing environment in PRC.  The second group of articles relates more to management and marketing areas including brand extension effect, influence of organizational culture on organizational performance of tourist hotels in Taiwan, adaptive and transformative dynamicity in strategic management, the effect of network word-of-mouth on buying decision, influencing factors of consumer purchasing behavior in drug stores, testing the corporate training system by TTQS, mobile value-added services acceptance model, and technological resources diversity and product market diversity.




A Comparison Study of Brand Extension Effect of Strong Brand base on Extended Product Knowledge Segment (in Chinese)


Chwu-Ing Wu
Department of Business Administration, National Chin-Yi University of Technology
Chen-Lien Lo
Department of Management Science, National Tsao-Tun Commercial & Industrial Vocational Senior High School

The Influence of Organizational Culture on Organizational Performance of Tourist Hotels in Taiwan (Kaohsiung) - An Empirical Study (in Chinese)


Ching-Cheng Shen
Graduate Program in Travel Industry Management, National Kaohsiung Hospitality College
Tzu-Ling Chen
Teacher Education Centre, National Kaohsiung Hospitality College
Hui-Min Lin
Institute of Tourism Management, Nan Hua University

The Discriminant Predictive Power of Financial Crisis: In the view of Board of Directors' Structure, Corporate Governance and Business Survival (in Chinese)


Lee-Chuan Chang
Department of Finance, National Formosa University

Adaptive and Transformative Dynamicity in Strategic Management


Shu-pei Tsai
Public Relations & Advertising Department , Shih Hsin University in Taiwan

The Performance Evaluation of Financial Institutions in Taiwan


Mei-Yueh Huang
Department of Industrial Management, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology

The Effect of Network Word-of-Mouth on Buying Decision-Using Product Involvement and Brand Image as Moderators (in Chinese)


Chi-Cheng Lee
Department of Business Administration, Cheng Shiu University
Yu-Chaio Lee
Department of Business Administration, Cheng Shiu University

A Study on Influencing Factors of Consumer Purchasing Behavior in the Drug Store (in Chinese)


Wen-Hai Chih
Department of Business Administration, National Dong-Hwa University
Jui-Lung Chen
Department of Business Administration, Yuanpei University
Wen-Yueh Chen
Borshin Medical Supply Inc.

Testing the Corporate Training System of A Company by TTQS (in Chinese)


Chung-Hsiung Fang
Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development, National Taiwan Normal University
Meng-Shan Tsai
Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development, National Taiwan Normal University

A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Money Importance (in Chinese)


Yan-Hao Xie
School of Economics and Management, NUST, Nanjing
Jian-Ping Sun
School of Economics and Management, NUST, Nanjing
Hui Liu
School of Economics and Management, NUST, Nanjing

A Path Comparison of Mobile Value-added Services Acceptance Model between Innovation Adoptions (in Chinese)


Jeung-Tai E. Tang
Department of Information Management, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

Impacts of Technological Resources Diversity and Product Market Diversity on Organizational Technological Resources Acquisitions and Disposals (in Chinese)


Hwei-Fang Tsai
Department of International Business Management, Wu Feng Institute of Technology
Hsuan Lo
Department of Hospital and Health Care Administration, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science
Hsien-Jui Chung
Department of Business Administration, National Chung Cheng University

Transfer Pricing Environment in Mainland China


Lynne Chow
Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration, The Open University of Hong Kong